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Scores from around the world...
"Well done Friends! Frankreich rockt!"
-Hardline Rock & Metal Magazin (Germany)  8/10
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Photo Credit: Kris Viala

Nominated for 2021 Best Rock Album 
9th Annual Awards - One World Music Radio

KoiD9 (France) 20/20

Metal Temple (UK) 9/10  (Almost perfect)

Rockline (Slovenia) 8,5/10

Scream Magazine (Norway) 5/6

Vinylestimes (France) 4,5/5

Rock Garage (Germany) 8/10

Rock Hard (Italy) 8/10

Danger dog (Australia) 4/5

Metal Integral (France) 19/20
(Top 4 best 2021 albums/Top 4 best 2021 tracks)

Rockmeeting (France) 5/5

TV Rock Live (France) 5/5

Powerplay Magazine (UK) 9/10

Musika (Netherlands) 8,8/10

VIRIAOR (Spain) 9/10

Heavy Paradise (Greece) 8,5/10
(Top 16 best 2021 albums)

Hardline Magazine (Germany) 8/10

Iridium review (UK)
Top 20 best tracks of the year

Metalnews.fr (France) 9,2/10


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"For every AOR rock fan, the album is a must !
-RMP FM (Germany)

"With Back In The Game, Heart Line have an album which can happily rival the best that the current AOR scene has to offer."
-Metal planet music (UK)

"Fans of Giant, Bad English, Winger, Pretty Maids and Bonfire will love it!"
- Rocktime (Greece)

"Bienvenue dans les nouvelles années 80 !" 8,8/10
-Musika (Netherlands)

"C’est un album très fort, je n’ai aucun doute que vous allez l’aimer."
- Hard Rock Info (Sweden)

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Metal Integral (France)
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RockMetalMag (France)
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Le Télégramme (Fr) / Digital Edition/ Yvan Guillevic/ interview/ Jan. 13, 2022
Rockmeeting (France)
Danger Dog (Australia)
Legacy Magazine (Germany)
Scream Magazine 5/6 (Norway)
Guitare Xtreme Magazine (France)
Passion Rock (France)
Classichardrock80 (France)
Guitare Xtreme Magazine (France)
Fireworks Magazine (UK)
UltraRock (France)
KoiD9 (France)
Rock Hard Magazine (Italy)
Fireworks Magazine (UK)
Break Out Magazine (Germany)
Power Play Magazine (UK)
Voici Magazine (France)
Hard Line Magazine (Germany)
Highwire Daze (USA)
Metal Temple (UK)
Hard Line Magazine (Germany)
Hard Rock Info Magazine (Sweden)
"Vive la France ! "
-Melodicrock.it (Italy)

"As a debut it's extremely strong"
-Musipedia Of Metal (UK)

"An album not to be missed for lovers of these sounds ».
-All Around Metal (Italy)

"Un rock puissant, mélodique et délicieusement régressif. Un retour dans les années 80 qui coule de source."
-Jaime Radio (France)